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Hi, my name is Holly Herzog and I am a licensed therapist in business for 30 years.  I've not only worked with countless women going through a divorce, I've also been divorced and know what you are going through. 

My course, developed with my colleague Jaynie who is also a social worker, was made to offer grieving individuals support during the early stages of divorce. It's the next best thing to working with me individually.

“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it " ~Richard Rohr
The beginning of your transformation starts here!

  • Has the ending of your relationship made you feel crazy? Paralyzed with fear?
  • Are you struggling with sleep? 
  • Foggy thinking?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed? Hopeless? Even powerless?
  • Have you become so used to taking care of others that you’ve forgotten what it truly means to take care of yourself?

Take a deep breath...
We’ve been there. We survived and thrived. And you will too.

Going through a divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions. It is important to remember that any unwanted feelings of anxiety that you are experiencing are normal. Your body’s response is a healthy one.

Even though your body is doing its very best to keep you safe, when experiencing the trauma of divorce, the symptoms of anxiety and depression can hijack your better thinking and pose even more challenges.

When this happens, it is essential that you are equipped with tools that calm your nervous system and help you navigate sudden feelings of powerlessness and grief.

We are not just telling you this as qualified therapists. We are telling you this as two people who have experienced the loss and trauma inflicted by divorce firsthand.

We understand how painful this transition can be and we are here to help you move into the next stage of life without being subdued by the trauma.

This course is not a magic wand for “getting over it”. This is about moving with the changes - good and bad - so you can enter the next stage of your life with clarity, integrity, and grace. 

Stagger, Stumble and Stand

A Collection of Classes and Tools to Help You Survive Divorce and Enter The Next Stage of Your Life With Clarity, Integrity, and Grace

Get access to the tools and support you need to move through the next stages of your life with trust, confidence, and fluidity. We have created this course to help you…

  • Rediscover what self-care means and why it is an essential part of recovery and growth.
  • Make peace with the fact it is OK to put your own needs first, even when there are others that depend on you too.
  • Move through unwanted thought cycles and work with your feelings - not against them - to calm your nervous system and realign with your body.
  • Learn to gradually overcome chronic self-doubt, feelings of rejection, and fear of strangers.
  • Visualize what you want your life to look like and gain confidence in your power of decision making to help you get there.

As qualified therapists, we have spent more than 50 years between us helping people process trauma, grief, and anxiety induced by feelings of abandonment. In particular, we help people to cope with and heal symptoms of emotional distress and trauma.

Nonetheless, when our own marriages came to an unexpected end, we did not work through the pain alone. We pulled together all our tools and resources, not to mention the support of our friends and family, to pull us up through our most difficult time.

Now, we want to share what we learned with others so that you too can equip yourself with the tools you need to climb out of the pain and rebuild your life.

We are here to support you through your most difficult time and empower you to write the next chapter of your life.

When You Enroll in
Stagger, Stumble and Stand”,
Your Journey Towards Your Future Begins

The Stagger

Class One: Recognition

Compassionately recognize trauma and develop tools to manage your nervous system for improved sleep, general health, and safety in relationships.

The Stumble

Class Two: Boundaries

Discover grounding techniques to assist with assertive communication and boundary making.

Class Three: Clarity 

Examine funky thinking patterns which keep us stuck. Create awareness and clarity about what you want then think, feel and say it!

The Stand

Class Four: Liberation 

Recognize resistance to change within yourself and move forward anyway. Equip yourself with the tools that will enable you to do so.

Class Five: Integrity

Learn to build trust within yourself. Prepare yourself for future relationships with integrity.

You will also receive these BONUS items:

#1 PDF Homework To Help You Implement What You Have Learned

At the end of each session, we will share a PDF homework assignment on the topics that we have covered in class.  This suggested homework will encourage you to ask yourself questions like “Who are my safe people?” and “Am I reacting or responding?”  The idea of the homework is to help you naturally implement what you have learned in each session into your everyday life.

#2 Journal Prompts

After each class, we provide journaling prompts. These are designed to help you explore in depth the topics of the class and integrate the knowledge into your own personal experiences.

#3 Physical Grounding Tools

In each class, we will share a breathing exercise to help you calm your physiological stress response and release anxious energy. We also share other physical grounding tools such as brain-looping strategies, nutrition and exercise, mantras, and using gratitude to help change your neural pathways.

#4 Meditation Exercises

We encourage you to access the meditations we provide daily over the week between classes.  Research shows that with just three weeks of daily practice, we can change our neural pathways.

#5 Access To Our Online Community

When you enroll, you are invited to our exclusive online community. This is a safe place where we support and listen to one another.  You will find like-minded individuals who are on their own transitional journey. We encourage members to be open and responsive to questions and stories shared by our members.

#6 Affirmation Cards

When you enroll, you will also receive affirmation cards with spine-building mantras to help you regain your footing. These are designed to help you during the times when you need a quick reminder of how resilient you really are. 

Here is a sample of the course if you want to check it out.

About Holly Herzog & Jaynie Henely

Holly and Jaynie are both qualified therapists with a shared passion for supporting and empowering women through trauma and grief. They were brought together by an unexpected turn of events initiated by the surprise ending of their respective marriages.

Holly and Jaynie have both experienced and successfully moved through the dramatic life changes inflicted by divorce firsthand. Now, they are committed to helping other people survive and advance through these changes too.

Holly has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College and has been a practicing licensed counselor in private practice for over 20 years. She is a certified Rational Life Therapist who has also trained in mind/body work. She specializes in all things relationship oriented - especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

Of all the things Holly’s partnerships have taught her, she claims that the most important lesson has been to love herself, despite the happiness she feels when she is with someone she loves.

Holly is also a writer, coach and international workshop facilitator. She considers nature to be one of her biggest teachers and she is a proud mother and adoring dog owner. 

Jaynie is a practicing psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon. She has been in the social work field for over 30 years, focusing on psychotherapy in the last 15.

Jaynie is passionate about her work related to mindfulness, shame, addiction, trauma work, and women in life stage transitions. She couples her own experience with the ever-evolving world of neuroscience to enhance the lives of both herself and her clients.

Jaynie is an author, speaker, teacher and grateful mother with a love of spending time with friends and her mesmerizing grandchildren. 

What People Are Saying...

 “Deciding to divorce after more than 30 years of marriage was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  My mind was obsessed with thoughts of “am I doing the right thing?” and “how will I continue in this life on my own?” and “who am I now?”  Going through this class with Jaynie and Holly gave me the tools I needed to proceed, sometimes just giving me something to hold on to when everything else seemed so foreign.  Providing practical techniques that I can use in the moment is incredibly helpful.  They provide the pillars for the new foundation I am building on my own.  My friends can only provide so much emotional support. Holly and Jaynie provide the navigation to get through it all.  Thank you for helping me through the Staggering, the Stumbling, and now I know I am on my way to Stand!”

Global Corporate Trainer/Instructional Designer

 "Jaynie and Holly, you are a great teaching team: interactive, engaging, very funny, and REAL. After each class, I felt uplifted and empowered." 

Neonatal Nurse

 "What can I say? This is what everyone who has come through that dark time of separation/ divorce needs. I am eight years post-separation and I have partaken in different therapy and counseling. None quite like Stagger, Stumble and Stand. The truth, the rawness, how Holly and Jaynie have identified emotions that are universal to all of us and provided us with the tools to deal with them is the key to the success of this class. To me, this class is a solid bedrock of advice based on personal experience, on which we can individually build and step forward.

Thank you both so much!" 


 "This has been very helpful for me. I’m now able to recognize a lot of my behaviors and reactions and have better insight and control over how I react.  It has been nice implementing what we have learned in real situations and seeing that it actually works." 

Finance Director

When You Sign Up For Our Class,
You Will Receive:

The “Recognition” Class to help you compassionately recognize trauma and develop tools to manage your nervous system for improved sleep, general health, and safety in relationships.

The “Boundaries” Class to discover grounding techniques to assist with assertive communication and boundary making.

The “Clarity” Class to examine funky thinking patterns which keep us stuck and create clarity and awareness of what you want.

The “Liberation” Class to recognize resistance to change within yourself and develop the tools to move forward anyway.

The “Integrity” Class to build trust within yourself and prepare yourself for future relationships with integrity.


BONUS #1 PDF Homework to help you implement what you learn in classes into real-life practice

BONUS #2 Journaling Prompts to help you integrate what you learn in class into your own personal experiences.

BONUS #3 Physical Grounding Tools to calm your physiological stress response

BONUS #4 Meditation Exercises to release stuck energy and unwanted thoughts

BONUS #5 Access To Our Online Community to connect with other individuals on similar journeys

BONUS #6 Affirmation Cards with spine building mantras to help you regain your footing

Get The Complete Course For $297

*This course is available immediately upon purchase.  Each video lesson will be available following completion of the prior. Each class is close captioned for the hearing impaired.

The Grace Untethered Guarantee
We hope that you will find these tools transformative and will utilize them for years to come.

If after watching our videos and experiencing our sessions you do not feel that our course deserves the praise we receive from our clients, email us at for a full money-back guarantee.

If you have any other questions about the course, email us at 
for a prompt reply.

Scholarships & Payment Plans
If you are unable to afford the cost of the course upfront, we offer an option for a payment plan which enables you to split the cost of the course across 30 days. We also offer a limited number of scholarships. If you feel you need this course but finances are holding you back, we encourage you to reach out to us at

More Testimonials From Our Clients...

 "Loved it! I could totally relate to the looping! So glad I’m not the only one. Explaining the boundaries and behaviors was so good. This is such a life lesson and always a work in progress. The differences between the two of you is such a perfect combination. I like that there is a quick review from the last classes to refresh my memory. Learning the process of responding rather than reacting hit home. Learning what triggers are and to train yourself to pause ... love it. I loved this is only a “slice in time”. For me it has and still does feel like this is forever and I’m buried by my hurtful ex. I liked the pics of when both of you are younger. When you both talk about your own experiences, it makes it like we are friends. It makes me feel like you know what I’m feeling. That is huge as I have felt so alone!" 

Insurance Sales

 "I LOVED the concept of befriending yourself. I also loved the family WHY!!!!  Oh my goodness, this struck home with me.  Can't help what family we are born into and how it impacts our adult life and our choices.  I have spent a lot of my younger adult life focused on the why - and getting comfortable with the concept of it is what it is.....completely out of our control.  THIS WAS profound in your series!!!  Thank you for adding it."


Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to clarify this and we can’t say this enough - this is NOT therapy. This course can be better described as psycho-education.

Rather than speaking with us directly about your own experiences, we will be teaching you how to understand and manage physical responses to experiences of trauma and distress.

Some of the clients we work with prefer to avoid traditional talking therapy but have achieved wonderful results with our course.

We would encourage you to join the additional group coaching class but you have no obligation to participate.  Even if you don’t feel like sharing your questions, you can still silently sit back and listen to others. Past participants have found useful resources from interacting with other group members.

You never know, someone else might ask your question for you. Group sessions are often a powerful reminder that we are not alone in how we feel.

Yes! We are also busy mompreneurs and have designed this course with other busy mompreneurs in mind. The video classes are roughly 30 minutes long. You choose when you watch them.

An important part of these classes is finding time for self-care. Carving out time to work on your mental health may well be the start of an important journey to building a more caring relationship with yourself.

This course is for anyone who is going through divorce and feels they would benefit from the additional support. We do not discriminate and our lessons are applicable to all.

It’s great to hear you are already working through your feelings in therapy! To answer your question, this course is designed to work alongside therapy, it is not in any way a substitute for it.

Consider “Stumble Stagger and Stand” to be your own self-care toolkit. The skills you gain from this class can only add to your therapy. It will not get in the way of it!

We are so sorry to hear you feel this way. We have been there and we know how painful these feelings can be. It truly feels hopeless. The good news is that like everything, these feelings too will pass.

Our classes are designed to help you move through this intensely difficult time, just like we did. We want to help you gradually reclaim your confidence and feel self-assured, relaxed, and empowered.

It may seem impossible right now but trust us when we say these unwanted feelings are temporary. They are simply your body’s way of trying to keep you safe. We will teach you how to give these feelings space then let them go when you are ready.

Healing does not happen overnight. Your journey will take time and we would like to provide you with the self-care toolkit that helped us through our own journey.

Be patient with yourself and don’t expect things to fall in place all at once. Be prepared to Stagger and Stumble before you can Stand.

Absolutely! We provide the option to gift the course to a friend or anyone that you feel would benefit.

*This course is available immediately upon purchase.  Each video lesson will be available following completion of the prior. Each class is close captioned for the hearing impaired.